Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

Last summer stunk. It rained and was overcast all
but two days. My lawn turned to moss, and our
camping plans washed away.

This summer is making up for last year! It has been marvellously sunny and warm. The one day it rained, the clouds washed the roads and watered the lawns, and politely removed themselves by the end of the workday. I was reminded of the lyrics "In Camelot"!

I work near a beautiful walking park. Today I called my sweetie and met him for lunch. We walked hand in hand around the park and the pond and watched the Canada geese. One gentleman practiced his juggling, and another was flying a kite as large as my car, while dozens of local business people broke away from their desks and walked or ran the paths. It was a wonderful, simple time to reconnect. We made plans for other outings and picnics this summer. Next time, the dachshunds will get to come along!

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