Friday, May 22, 2009

Peer Pressure is Dangerous!

Ok, peer pressure can be really dangerous! For example, most of my friends are focusing on living healthy lives, and have committed themselves to adding in activity. So, one signed up for the Mayor's Marathon-or at least, the quarter marathon portion. Then another, and another. Yup, you guessed it. Couch-spudlette me! I am now signed up, too. I haven't walked that many miles in a row in a really long time. On purpose!

I am planning on making the distance with my friends without slowing them down or embarrassing myself. So, I have been walking once and even twice a day. I get time to chat with a friend or my sweetie, get some color in my Caspar-the-Ghost skintone, and did I mention earlier how beautiful it has been outside? So many definite incentives. My other incentive is a bit more powerful. I will be travelling to Europe this September, and have no intention of having to sit out parts of the Louvre, or missing the Notre Dame Cathedral because my poor paws are too tender!

See, peer pressure can be good for you!

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