Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting Somewhere

I always tend to feel I need to know more, learn more, get better about whatever task it is I am trying to accomplish. So I postpone, and hem and haw, trying to do anything BUT put my work on the line. I am challenging myself anyway.

Ta Da! Pictures of my jewelry, on display! I haven't mastered the camera; I think I need an engineering degree to just read the novel-sized manual! I don't know much about blogging or computers; I am definitely behind the electronic wave. But here it is. I am taking the baby steps, even if someone might see me fall.

(Okay, the sappiness is over!)

This blog is going to be full of jewelry and my goofy take of the world and its wonderful quirkiness and my enthusiasm for creativity in all its amazing forms. I hope you find creativity and kindness and joy in your daily life, too!

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