Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Wonderful Haven

It has been such an amazing week- I am behind on my posting, but have so many topics!

Here is one of the joys of my creative life, and it's currently CLEAN! Crafters may be aware of the elusiveness of open workspace. As I am working on a project, the creative components pile higher and higher, and the available space shrinks and shrinks. Then another project that just can't wait joins the fray, then the mending, then a handful of brand new treasures I don't have time to put away, then....chaos ensues. At that point, I have to stop everything, and put everything back where it belongs. And start the process again.

I remodeled the workroom just less than two years ago. I finally decided that my space shouldn't be dark, dingy white with piles everywhere and no storage. I emptied it out, painted it bright colors, and organized it within an inch of its life. I have been buying/collecting inspirational art, and this weekend, I finally put it all up around the room. I love it!

Now to play!

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  1. Ahhh I so understand this. I've always been a pack rat, my husband firmly believes in "He who has the most toys wins." and we have sooooo much junk/stuff laying around this house it is driving me nuts. Piles upon piles. I've been trying to organize and declutter. :P