Sunday, June 7, 2009

Creative Collaboration

My husband and I are prime examples of "opposites attract." We each have our own hobbies, and there is very little overlap between them. Until now. He was reading one of his magazines, and picked a metalworking project for our moms for Mother's Day. I looked at the pattern, and saw the potential for my adding to it.

The pattern is for a brass flower with 8 petals and a leaf, on a stem. The picture in the magazine has it all in brass with a shiny, smooth surface. The original design is by Walter Yetman in the April/May 2009-Volume 22, Number 2 of Machinist's Workshop.

My husband likes working with his machining lathe to make tiny, intricate pieces. I have been playing with copper and texturing hammers and metal stamps and patinas. So I suggested we both work on this. We chose copper for the petals, brass for the stem and inner parts and the leaf. He created the individual components, and I textured and patina'd and shaped the petal and leaves, he soldered the leaves on and fastened the parts together.

They turned out beautifully, and our moms loved them. And my husband and I found our differences still complement each other quite well!

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