Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas, Decorating!

My brilliant housecleaning moment today: Not so much! My sweetie brought up all the Christmas decoration boxes today. We are having a couple small gatherings here this season, so I am going all out on decorating the living and dining rooms for the first time in a couple years. Of course, decorating in my small-but-tall house means getting all the tchotschkes and doo-dads and collectibles down from way-high up, then cleaning and dusting rarely-accessed levels.

Being up on the stepladder puts me at eye-level with the chandelier, which has upward-facing glass cups. And I see dead bugs in the glass cups. Eww. So I had the oh-so-clever idea of using the canned air to blow them out. It worked. It worked VERY well, unfortunately! Dead bugs and bug parts fountained feet into the air and rained down on me, my hair, the workbench/kitchen table, on the floor. I now get to sweep and vacuum, and I will be finding bug parts in my beads for AGES!!

I am convincing myself that the chandelier is brighter now, and that bug-parts-surprise was worth it. Because I have another chandelier like this one in the foyer, and I'm talking myself into tackling that one, too. Maybe tomorrow!